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February 2018 Media News

Is Autoimmune Disease a Disability? Is autoimmune disease (AI) a disability? This is the million–dollar question. IG Living, 01/04/2018. (Also see Disablity and Scleroderma)

Sound therapy may train the brain to ignore tinnitus. A sound–emitting device worn in the ear during sleep may train the brain to ignore an annoying chronic ringing in the ears, a new study suggests. Reuters Health, 01/19/2018. (Also see Autoimmune Ear Diseases)

Self–guided course helps women manage menopause symptoms at work. A self–help cognitive behavioral therapy program combined with relaxation techniques can ease working women’s menopausal symptoms, according to a British study. Reuters Health, 01/19/2018.

Toothpaste ingredient could fight malaria, research shows. Research carried out in part by an artificially–intelligent (AI) ‘robot scientist’ has found that a common ingredient of toothpaste could be developed to fight drug–resistant strains of malaria. Reuters Health, 01/18/2018.

Flu epidemic three times worse than last year at this time. This flu season has already claimed the lives of 30 children, and new research finds it might be spread simply by breathing. NBC Health News, 01/19/2018.

Birth Control Pills May Help Prevent Some Cancers. In a new study published in JAMA Oncology, researchers explore how oral contraceptives, which affect women’s hormone levels to prevent pregnancy, affect cancer risk. Time Healthland, 01/18/218. (Also see Cancer)

Reproductive Factors in Women Tied to Heart Disease and Stroke Risk. Several female reproductive factors are associated with an increased risk for heart disease and stroke, British researchers report. New York Times, 01/18/2018. (Also see Cardiac (Heart) Involvement)

How Our Bones Might Help Keep Our Weight in Check. Our skeletons may help to keep our weight under control, according to a fascinating new study with animals. New York Times, 01/17/2018.

Breast–Feeding Tied to Reduced Risk of Diabetes. Breast–feeding may reduce a woman’s risk for Type 2 diabetes, a new study reports. New York Times, 01/16/2018. (Also see Media Stories about Diabetes)

The eight cancers that could be diagnosed with a single blood test. A single blood test detects cancers with up to 98 percent accuracy in patients without any symptoms, new research suggests. Mail Online, 01/19/2018. (Also see Cancer)

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