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April 2018 Media News

Twitter will now allow you to report hate speech against people with disabilities. Following intense pressure from disability rights activists, Twitter announced on Monday that it would now allow users to report tweets directing hate towards people with disabilities., 04/04/2018.

More Americans at risk for heart attack and stroke. Most U.S. adults have poor cardiovascular health, and more people are at risk for heart attacks and strokes today than was true a generation ago, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 03/19/2018. (Also see Cardiac (Heart) Involvement)

Americans are drinking a daily cup of coffee at the highest level in six years: survey The number of Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee is at the highest level since 2012, an industry study showed on Saturday. Reuters Health, 03/17/2018. (Also see Food Guide for Autoimmune Disease and Illnesses)

Slightly elevated blood sugar tied to heart and kidney problems. People who have slightly elevated blood sugar that’s not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis may still have a higher risk of heart and kidney disease than individuals with normal blood sugar, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 03/16/2018. (Also see Prevention of Diabetes)

What’s Behind Many Mystery Ailments? Genetic Mutations, Study Finds. A new study suggests that many disorders go undetected and a team of scientists has found that 3.7 percent of patients in a hospital system carried a genetic variant linked to a disease. New York Times, 03/15/2018. (Also see Genetics)

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young.’ Remaining physically active as we grow older could help to keep our muscles and immune systems robust, according to two inspiring new studies of older recreational cyclists. New York Times, 03/15/2018.

How busy hands can alter our brain chemistry. Some researchers think that may be key to making our brains very happy is occupying our hands as repetitive movement is increasing certain neurochemicals. CBS News, 03/18/2018. (Also see Living with a Chronic Illness)

8 ways to spring clean your health routine. Longer days, warmer weather and fresh starts are the hallmarks of spring and your physical well being may need some sprucing up, too! NBC Health News, 03/24/2018.

This Compound Can Reverse Aging in Mice. Will It Work in People? Mice are by no means men — but the results of a new mouse study are still encouraging for man’s search for longer life. Times Healthland, 03/22/2018.

Why Tai Chi Works So Well For Pain Relief. In a new study published in the BMJ, researchers report encouraging results involving one way to reduce the painful effects of fibromyalgia: with tai chi, an ancient practice originating in martial arts. Times Healthland, 03/22/2018. (Also see Fibromyalgia)

5 Reasons Your Allergies Are Worse at Night. It’s not just you—and it’s not in your head. Here’s what to know about night time allergy symptoms when the pollen count’s high. Times Healthland, 03/21/2018. (Also see Food Guide for Autoimmune Disease and Illnesses)

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