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May 2018 Media News

'Nightmare bacteria' cases seen in 27 states, CDC reports. More than 220 cases of a breed of “nightmare bacteria” with new or rare antibiotic–resistant genes, have been found in 27 states, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report. Fox News, 04/04/2018.

Genes behind deadly heart condition found, scientists say. Scientists say they have identified genes that cause a deadly heart condition that can only be cured by transplants of the heart or lungs. BBC News, 04/15/2018. (Also see Causes of Pulmonary Hypertension)

How bacteria are changing your mood. A controversial new concept is emerging that claims gut bacteria are an invisible hand altering our brains. BBC News, 04/24/2018.

Improving overall heart health may reduce risk of atrial fibrillation. Following practices recommended for “optimal” heart health may also reduce the risk of developing a serious heart–rhythm disorder, researchers say. Reuters Health, 04/19/2018. (Also see Heart Complications)

Tooth loss in middle age linked to heart disease. Losing two or more natural teeth in middle age may signal an increased risk for coronary heart disease, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 04/18/2018. (Also see Cardiac (Heart) Involvement and Periodontal Disease)

Cleaned endoscopes often contaminated. Many patients may be undergoing endoscopy with contaminated instruments, a pair of new studies suggest. Reuters Health, 04/18/2018.

Why It Seems Like Everyone Is Always Angry With You. It may be helpful to know that some people seem to have outsize difficulty with reading neutral faces as neutral, even if they are exceptionally accurate at interpreting other facial expressions. New York Times, 04/24/2018.

Concussions May Increase the Risk for Parkinson’s Disease. A traumatic brain injury, even a mild concussion, increases the risk for Parkinson’s disease, a new study reports. New York Times, 04/18/2018.

One hour of meditation is enough to reduce anxiety and stress on the heart, study finds. A single one–hour meditation session is enough to reduce anxiety and stress on the heart, a new study has found. Mail Online, 04/23/2018. (Also see Anxiety and Attitude)

Psoriasis and arthritis sufferers have a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes, study finds. People with inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis should be closely monitored and given extra support to help prevent heart attack and strokes. Mail Online, 04/23/2018. (Also see Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis)

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