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April 2019 Media News

Childhood anxiety tied to school absences Kids with school attendance or truancy problems might be suffering from anxiety, a research review suggests. Reuters Health, 03/22/2019.(Also see Anxiety)

Your health app could be sharing your medical data. That nifty new health app you downloaded to your phone might be sharing your information with a host of unrelated companies, a new study finds. Reuters Health, 03/22/2019.

Long– term hormone use after menopause tied to Alzheimer's risk. Women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats may be slightly more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, a large Finnish study suggests. Reuters Health, 03/21/2019.

Why Did I Lose My Sense of Smell? Impaired smell is common, particularly in the elderly, but in about one in six people, no cause can be identified. New York Times, 03/22/2019.

For Urinary Incontinence, Try Behavioral Treatments or Drugs, or Both. Bladder training, biofeedback and other behavioral therapies may work even better in combination with drugs. New York Times, 03/22/2019. (Also see Interstitial Cystitis)

A User Manual for Your Knees. A knee is designed to withstand millions of steps during a lifetime, but sometimes all that stress can cause your knees to break down. New York Times, 03/22/2019.

Why Lifting Weights Can Be So Potent for Aging Well. People who discovered that they enjoyed and felt capable of completing a weight–training session subsequently joined a new gym and showed up for workouts. New York Times, 03/22/2019.

8 Science-Backed Ways to Prevent Heart Attacks, According to New Guidelines. Experts have issued a new set of guidelines on the best ways to prevent first heart attacks, strokes and heart failure – and for the first time, they focus squarely on the patient. Time Healthland, 03/18/2019. (Also see Heart Involvement)

Giving Your Baby Peanuts Early On May Help Prevent Allergies, New Guidelines Say. Introducing peanuts early may help some babies avoid allergies, according to new guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Time Healthland, 03/18/2019.

Newly prescribed ADHD medications may cause psychosis, study finds. Certain medications used to treat ADHD in teens and young adults may be more likely to cause symptoms such as paranoia, hallucinations, delusions and hearing voices, a new study suggests. NBC Health News, 03/21/2019.

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