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July 2019 Media News

Extra red meat helpings linked to increased odds of death. Adults who increase the amount of red meat they consume over the years also increase their odds of dying sooner than those who hold steady or reduce meat intake, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 06/20/2019.

Beauty products send a small child to the ER every two hours. Injuries from cosmetics, shampoo and other personal care products send one young child to a U.S. emergency room every two hours, according to a new study. Reuters Health, 06/20/2019.

Strobing stage lights could up risk of epileptic seizures. Flashing light effects could bring on epileptic seizures in young people who may not know they have a vulnerability, Dutch researchers say. Reuters Health, 06/19/2019.

Liver donation for transplant misunderstood, underutilized. Lack of knowledge among community physicians may be keeping them from raising the possibility of living donor transplants with their patients with liver disease, new survey data suggest. Reuters Health, 06/19/2019. (Also see Liver Involvement)

Helping Students With Test Anxiety. Parents can take steps to minimize their children’s worries about test scores, experts say. New York Times, 06/24/2019. (Also see Anxiety and Attitude)

New research reveals cellphone use can change our bodies. A new study suggests excessive cellphone use is physically changing how young people's bodies develop. Health News Today, 06/21/2019.

Why it's important for patients to look at their doctor's note. Some patient advocates say a doctor's notes offer insights patients might never hear from their physician, putting patient and provider on the same page. Health News Today, 06/19/2019. (Also see Physician and Patient Relationships)

New Research Is Focusing on Treating Teens' Suicidal Thoughts With Support of Friends, Family. Past research has shown that people with more connections, stronger social networks, and more social support will be better off in terms of mental health. Time Healthland, 06/10/2019. (Also see Suicide Prevention)

Most People Worldwide Trust That Vaccines Are Safe – But the Number Who Don't Is Concerning. The majority of people worldwide think vaccines are safe, according to a new global survey – but the share of doubters is still high enough to threaten immunity. Time Healthland, 06/19/2019. (Also see Vaccinations)

Can Wearing a Hat Contribute to Baldness? It's the sort of thing an opinionated grandparent might tell a grandchild wearing a hat indoors, but there are some who believe there's wisdom in the admonishment. Time Healthland, 06/17/2019. (Also see Alopecia)

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