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September 2019 Media News

Dementia caregiving takes toll on sleep. Family caregivers for dementia patients don’t sleep as long or as well as other adults of the same age, a new study suggests. Reuters Health, 08/23/2019. (Also see Sleep Disorders)

Cutting back on vegetable protein tied to unhealthy ageing. Older adults who cut back on the amount of vegetable protein in their diets may be more likely to experience age-related health problems, a Spanish study suggests. Reuters Health, 08/21/2019. (Also see Food Guide for Autoimmune Disease and Illnesses)

With cancer risk timeline, middle-aged women recognize need for cervix screening. When middle-aged women realize their cervical cancer risk from HPV lasts decades, more of them decide to get screened for this cancer, a small study found. Reuters Health, 08/21/2019. (Also see Cancer)

High levels of exhaust pollutants may raise risk for degenerative eye disease. Exposure to high levels of exhaust may raise the risk of the vision robbing disease called age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a new study suggests. Reuters Health, 08/20/2019.

Owning a dog can help your heart, study finds. According to a new study published by Mayo Clinic, people who own pets, but especially dogs, are more likely to have better heart health. GMA Wellness, 08/23/2019. (Also see Pain Management)

Social media is harmful to teen girls’ mental health: What you should know. Teenage girls are affected by social media use more than boys, with the harmful effects being driven by three factors, according to a new study. GMA Wellness, 08/14/2019.

Don't worry about drinking microplastics in water, UN says. The World Health Organization says the levels of microplastics in drinking water don't appear to be risky, but that more research is needed. NBC Health News, 08/22/2019.

Athletes have poor teeth despite brushing. Elite athletes have bad teeth despite putting more effort into looking after them than other people, a study shows. BBC Health News, 08/24/2019. (Also see General Dentistry)

Fish oil pills 'no benefit' for type 2 diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes "should not be encouraged" to take omega-3 fish oil supplements, researchers from the University of East Anglia say. BBC Health News, 08/22/2019. (Also see Treatments for Diabetes and Supplement Guide)

We're One Step Closer to a Blood Test that Predicts When a Person Will Die. While death is inevitable, knowing when it will come isn’t necessarily, and scientists have been trying to develop a test that could reliably and easily predict how long a person will live. Time Healthland, 08/21/2019.

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