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February 2020 Media News

Sunscreen ingredients really do seep into the blood. Is that bad? Researchers have shown that active chemicals in sunscreens can readily soak into the bloodstream, confirming the need for more testing on whether these products are safe. Reuters Health, 01/21/2020.

Posthumous sperm donation should be allowed, say UK experts. Men in Britain should be allowed to donate sperm after they die to meet growing demand from couples seeking fertility treatment, medical experts say. Reuters Health, 01/21/2020.

Fish oil supplements tied to improved male fertility. Men who consume fish oil supplements, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, might get a boost in fertility, a new study suggests. Reuters Health, 01/17/2020. (Also see Supplement Guide)

Many older U.S. adults don't get needed cardiac rehab after a heart attack Only about one in four patients on Medicare receive cardiac rehabilitation recommended to help them recover from events like a heart attack or coronary bypass surgery, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 01/17/2020. (Also see Treatments for Heart Involvement)

Your heartburn drug has been recalled. Now what? There are alternatives to heartburn relief – including a doctor-approved bedtime trick. NBC Health News, 01/20/2020. (Also see Reflux Prevention and Treatments)

Americans are binge drinking more, greatly increasing health risks. The rise in binge drinking increases health risks: accidents, disease and early death. NBC Health News, 01/16/2020.

When Life Throws You Curveballs, Embrace the "New Normal". For patients with life-altering illnesses or anyone just getting older, it helps to roll with the punches and make the best of the here and now. New York Times, 01/20/2020.

Cats and Risk of Schizophrenia. In the same study that found pet dogs reduce overall risk for schizophrenia, the researchers reported less positive news for cats. Healthy Living Magazine, January 2020.

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'. A newly-discovered part of our immune system could be harnessed to treat all cancers, say scientists. BBC Health News, 01/20/2020. (Also see Cancer)

Call to tax 'hidden' sugar in pre-mixed alcoholic drinks. Many "ready to drink" pre-mixed spirits are packed with excessive sugar and hidden calories and should be subject to a sugar tax like fizzy drinks, health experts say. BBC Health News, 01/21/2020. (Also see Food Guide)

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