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October 2020 Media News

Latest on the worldwide spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus infections slowed in Australia and New Zealand, while Britain said it was at a “tipping point” on COVID-19 as European countries mulled tightening restrictions to curb a sharp resurgence in cases. Reuters Health, 09/19/2020.

More than half of Covid-19 patients have lasting fatigue, research suggests. Covid-19 can leave many people with potentially debilitating fatigue months after they've recovered from the illness, research released Thursday found. NBC Health News, 09/17/2020. (Also see Fatigue)

CDC says seasonal flu cases hit record lows around the world. Social distancing may have kept cases of the flu at historic lows around the world, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests. NBC Health News, 09/17/2020.

Lack of Antigen Test Reporting Leaves Country –Blind to the Pandemic’. More than 20 states either don’t release or have incomplete data on the rapid antigen tests now considered key to containing the coronavirus. Kaiser Health News, 09/16/2020.

NIH ‘Very Concerned’ About Serious Side Effect in Coronavirus Vaccine Trial. The Food and Drug Administration is weighing whether to follow British regulators in resuming a coronavirus vaccine trial that was halted when a participant suffered spinal cord damage. Kaiser Health News, 09/14/2020. (Also see Vaccinations)

Making Gyms Safer: Why the Virus Is Less Likely to Spread There Than in a Bar. The fitness industry is trying to rehabilitate itself by pushing back against what it sees as a misleading narrative that gyms have no place during a pandemic. Kaiser Health News, 09/11/2020.

Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large. If your gym is closed or you can’t get together with your regular exercise buddies, there are plenty of ways to get your body moving at home and in your neighborhood. Kaiser Health News, 09/09/2020.

There's Only Weak Evidence For Vitamin-D As a COVID-19 Preventative—But Scientists Are Trying to Learn More. Experts say we need more rigorous scientific studies to test vitamin-D's potential to help prevent COVID-19 as well as its effect on patients who already have it. Time Healthland, 09/17/2020. (Also see Vitamin D)

Depression Has Skyrocketed During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Says. It's well-documented that natural disasters, wars and other mass traumas can lead to significant increases in population-wide psychological distress. Time Healthland, 09/04/2020. (Also see Depression and Suicide Prevention)

Pregnancy 'delays onset of multiple sclerosis by more than THREE YEARS'. Pregnancy may delay the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS) by more than three years, scientists have found. Mail Online, 09/14/2020. (Also see Multiple Sclerosis)

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