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February 2021 Media News

So You Think Your Kid Needs a Covid Test. Here‘s everything you need to know about when to get it and what to expect. New York Times, 01/13/2021.

Children‘s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and Researchers. “There will be a period of epic withdrawal” warned one addiction specialist, once schools, activities and social life return to normal. New York Times, 01/16/2021.

Inside the B.1.1.7 Coronavirus Variant. At the heart of each coronavirus is its genome, a twisted strand of nearly 30,000 “letters” of RNA. New York Times, 01/18/2021.

Johnson & Johnson‘s 1-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise in Early-Stage Trials. Johnson & Johnson‘s experimental one-shot Covid-19 vaccine generated a long-lasting immune response in an early safety study. Time Healthland, 01/14/2021. (Also see Vaccinations)

Data Show More Women Are Freezing Their Eggs During the Pandemic, Defying Doctors‘ Expectations. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, fertility clinics braced themselves for a downturn. Time Healthland, 01/13/2021.

Covid: 10 new mass vaccination centres to open in England. NHS England said the new centres would offer "thousands" of jabs a week. BBC Health News, 01/17/2021. (Also see Vaccinations)

Rise in youngsters with eating disorders is yet another distressing cost of the Covid lockdown. Experts have seen a rise in eating disorder patients, sparked by Covid pandemic. Mail Online, 01/17/2021.

Life-affirming ways to stave off dementia. Gradual changes in brain structures, such as a reduction in connections between nerve cells, make the creation and retrieval of memories less efficient. Mail Online, 01/12/2021.

5 steps you can take now to boost your fitness and avoid severe illness from COVID-19. Researchers are now finding that better cardiovascular fitness might save you from a trip to the hospital if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. GMA Health, 01/18/2021.

Eating sugar will actually make you want to eat more sugar. Sugar is addicting – and science definitely agrees. GMA Health, 01/16/2021. (Also see Food Guide for Autoimmune Disease and Illnesses)

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