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December 2015 Scleroderma News

Fewer Mycophenolate Adverse Events in Scleroderma Lung Study. Mycophenolate mofetil can be substituted for cyclophosphamide for the immunosuppressive treatment of scleroderma-related interstitial lung disease and might even be safer. Medscape, 11/02/2015. (Also see Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatments, Immunosuppressants and Clinical Trials)

Corticosteroids (CS) in Myositis and Scleroderma. The extracutaneous features of systemic sclerosis are frequently treated with CS; however, high doses have been associated with scleroderma renal crisis in high-risk patients. Rheumatic Disease Clinics, 10/27/2015. (Also see Glucocorticoids, Steroids (Prednisone) Warnings for Scleroderma)

Association between Initial Oral Therapy and Outcomes in Systemic Sclerosis-related Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (SSc-PAH): Observations from PHAROS. Compared to phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor (PDE5i) or combination endothelin-receptor antagonist (ERA)/PDE5i, initial therapy with an ERA in SSc-PAH patients was associated with a significantly worse time to clinical worsening. PubMed, Arthritis Rheumatol, 10/19/2015. (Also see PHAROS)

IL-22 capacitates dermal fibroblast responses to tumour necrosis factor (TNF) in scleroderma. IL-22 capacitates fibroblast responses to TNF and promotes a proinflammatory fibroblast phenotype by favouring TNF-induced keratinocyte activation. PubMed, Ann Rheum Dis, 10/09/2015. (Also see Interleukins)

(Case Report) Primary Pulmonary Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma in Scleroderma. Clinicians should be aware of the increased risk for lymphoproliferative disorders, including pulmonary Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in scleroderma patients. CHEST, 10/27/2015. (Also see Correlation of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Cancer and Cancer and Scleroderma)

Osteolysis Affecting the Jaws in Systemic Sclerosis: Clinical and Osseous Changes Based on a Case Presentation. Based on the presented case and the neglection of the oral findings, early monitoring of oral changes in patients with this condition is mandatory and may improve their living conditions. PMC, Clin Med Insights Arthritis Musculoskelet Disord, 2015; 8: 65–67. (Also see Periodontal Disease)

Immunogenetics of systemic sclerosis (SSc): Defining heritability, functional variants and shared-autoimmunity pathways. The genetic overlap between SSc and other autoimmune diseases is explored. PubMed, October 2015. (Also see Scleroderma in Overlap)

Systemic sclerosis: New evidence re-enforces the role of B cells. Recent evidence suggests that B cells are also likely to contribute in the pathogenesis of the disease. PubMed, Autoimmun Rev, 10/21/2015. (Also see B Cells and T Cells)

Anti-centromere protein A antibodies in systemic sclerosis (SSc): Significance and origin. Preliminary evidence for a possible role of forkhead box protein E3 in SSc pathogenesis is discussed and for the association of different subsets of anti-CENP-A antibodies. PubMed, Autoimmun Rev, 10/09/2015. (Also see Antibodies in Systemic Scleroderma)

Origin of fibrosing cells in systemic sclerosis. In this review, recent evidence arguing in favor of and against proposed origins of fibrosing cells in diverse models of fibrosis are discussed. PubMed, Curr Opin Rheumatol, 2015 Nov;27(6):555-62. (Also see Skin Fibrosis)

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