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October 2016 Scleroderma News

Safety and efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in calcinosis cutis associated with systemic sclerosis. Promising evidence was shown for safety and efficacy of ESWT for chronic, treatment resistant calcinosis cutis in SSc patients, thus justifying the initiation of larger multicentre controlled trials. PubMed, Clin Exp Rheumatol, 08/03/2016. (Also see Calcinosis)

The 5-HT1A receptor agonist buspirone improves esophageal motor function and symptoms in systemic sclerosis: a 4-week, open-label trial. More conclusive evaluation is needed; however, buspirone could potentially be given under observation for objective improvement in all patients with SSc who report reflux symptoms despite undergoing standard treatment. BioMed Central, Arthritis Research & Therapy, 09/01/2016. (Also see Dysmotility Syndrome in Systemic Scleroderma and Scleroderma Clinical Trials)

Calcinosis is associated with digital ischaemia in systemic sclerosis (SSc) – a longitudinal study. Ischaemia may play a role in the development of calcinosis in SSc. PubMed, Rheumatology (Oxford), 09/04/2016. (Also see Calcinosis and Digital Ulcers)

The role of Dickkopf-1 in joint remodeling and fibrosis A link connecting spondyloarthropathies and scleroderma? Dkk-1 appears to play a crucial role in both joint remodeling/ectopic ossification and fibrosis and may be a prospective therapeutic modality for fibrotic diseases or diseases characterized by pathologic joint remodeling. Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, 08/26/2016. (Also see B Cells and T Cells)

Ku, Rare and Specific Antigen in Scleroderma, May Be Linked to Lung Disease. Few scleroderma patients have antibodies directed specifically against the Ku antigen and have them as the only autoantibody present, are more likely to have interstitial lung disease and higher levels of a muscle degradation factor. Scleroderma News, 09/06/2016. (Also see Antibodies in Systemic Scleroderma)

Protagen and Inova Diagnostics Partner to Advance New Systemic Sclerosis Biomarker. The newly discovered anti-BICD2 autoantibodies are found in about 30% of patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and are highly associated with limited forms of the disease. Scleroderma News, 09/01/2016. (Also see Prognosis and Mortality)

Oxidative stress parameters in localized scleroderma patients. Oxidative stress seems to be effective in the pathogenesis of localized scleroderma and arylesterase levels have increased in morphea patients. PubMed, Arch Dermatol Res, 09/03/2016. (Also see Causes of Scleroderma: Oxidative Stress, Lipid Peroxidation)

Phototherapy in Scleroderma. More rigorous studies are needed to evaluate phototherapy in the treatment of scleroderma, however, based on the limited studies available, 20-50 J/cm2 of UVA1 therapy 3–4 times a week for 30 treatments is recommended. PubMed, Dermatol Ther (Heidelb), 08/12/2016. (Also see Morphea Scleroderma Treatments)

Early morphologic and functional changes of atherosclerosis in systemic sclerosis-a systematic review and meta–analysis. Meta–analysis of the published observational studies confirms that abnormalities attributable to macrovascular involvement are significantly more prevalent in SSc patients compared with controls. PubMed, Rheumatology (Oxford), 08/25/2016. (Also see Cardiac (Heart) Involvement)

Autoimmune swallowing disorders. The otolaryngologist should be able to recognize when a systemic disease may be the cause of a patient's dysphagia and guide appropriate evaluation. PubMed, Curr Opin Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 08/31/2016. (Also see Dysphagia)

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