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March 2018 Scleroderma News

Changes in macrophage transcriptome associate with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and mediate GSDMA contribution to disease risk. Our data further establish the link between macrophages and SSc, and suggest that the contribution of the rs3894194 risk variant to SSc susceptibility can be mediated by GSDMA (gene) expression in macrophages. PubMed, Ann Rheum Dis, 01/17/2018. (Also see Genetics)

Fibrocell Submits Investigational New Drug (IND) Application for Scleroderma Treatment. Fibrocell Science, Inc. announced the submission of a IND Application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for FCX-013, a gene therapy candidate for the treatment of moderate to severe localized scleroderma. Globe Newswire, 02/05/2018. (Also see Localized Scleroderma: Linear)

Factors influencing early referral, early diagnosis and management in patients with diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. More consistent use of the modified Rodnan skin score at diagnosis and follow–up may help to monitor disease progression. PubMed, Rheumatology (Oxford), 02/02/2018. (Also see Diffuse Scleroderma)

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in the setting of scleroderma (SSc) is different than in the setting of lupus: A review. This review highlights the differences between SSc–PAH and Lupus–PAH. PubMed, Respir Med, 2018 Jan;134:42-46. (Also see Pulmonary Hypertension)

Case Report: Characterization and Treatment of Unilateral Facial Muscle Spasm in Linear Scleroderma. We report a case of linear scleroderma associated with spasm of muscles innervated not only by the trigeminal but also by the facial nerve. PubMed, Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (N Y). (Also see Localized Scleroderma: Linear)

Cytori Scleroderma Trial Data Presented at Systemic Sclerosis World Congress. Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. presented data from the U.S. 88 patient, 19 center, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled STAR clinical trial of Cytori Cell Therapy™ (Habeo™) for the treatment of impaired hand function in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). Globe Newswire, 02/15/2018. (Also see Habeo Cell Therapy)

Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy and Linear Scleroderma En Coup de Sabre: A Spectrum of the Same Disease? There are certain differences in neurological and ophthalmological changes in the diseases. PubMed, Front Med (Lausanne), 2018 Jan 31;4:258. (Also see En Coup de Sabre)

Surgical management of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in patients with systemic sclerosis. Laparoscopic Roux–en–Y gastric bypasses as an anti–reflux procedure is safe and may provide an alternative to fundoplication in the treatment of GERD for systemic sclerosis patients with esophageal dysmotility. PubMed, Surg Endosc, 02/12/2018. (Also see Reflux (Heartburn) Prevention and Treatments)

Mosaic capillaroscopic findings in systemic sclerosis. As typical capillaroscopic findings are diagnostic in clinical context, this case of a "mosaic" pattern should remind the clinicians that the capillaroscopic examination should be performed for the eight fingers bilaterally. PubMed, Wien Med Wochenschr, 02/01/2018. (Also see Nailfold Capillaroscopy and Secondary Raynaud's: Scleroderma)

Emphysematous change with scleroderma–associated interstitial lung disease (SSc–ILD): the potential contribution of vasculopathy? Peripheral vasculopathy may help to destroy the fibrously thickened alveolar walls, resulting in emphysematous change in SSc–ILD. PubMed, BMC Pulm Med, 2018 Jan 30;18(1):25. (Also see Vasculitis)

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