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April 2020 Scleroderma News

Information About COVID-19 for Scleroderma Patients. Patients with scleroderma should take extra precautions to minimize the risk of getting COVID-19. Scleroderma News, 03/19/2020.

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) outcomes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and systemic sclerosis (SSc). We demonstrate increased rates of all adverse clinical outcomes following PCI in people with SSc and increased bleeding in SLE. PubMed, Rheumatology (Oxford), 01/28/2020. (Also see Complications with Heart Involvement)

The predictive role of lung ultrasound in progression of scleroderma interstitial lung disease. High-resolution computed tomography of chest is the gold standard technique for assessing interstitial lung disease. PubMed, Clin Rheumatol, 2020 Jan;39(1):119-123. (Also see Pulmonary Fibrosis Diagnosis)

Kelch-like protein 42 is a pro-fibrotic ubiquitin E3 ligase involved in in systemic sclerosis (SSc). Our findings indicate that the KLHL42-PPP2R5e axis controls pro-fibrotic signaling in SSc lung fibroblasts. PubMed, J Biol Chem, 02/17/2020. (Also see Fibroblasts)

Early trajectories of skin thickening are associated with severity and mortality in systemic sclerosis (SSc). Early identification of clinical phenotype based on skin thickening trajectories could predict morbi-mortality in SSc. PubMed, Arthritis Res Ther, 2020 Feb 18;22(1):30. (Also see Skin Fibrosis)

Study of “Pre-Ulcer ” Stage May Inform Treatment of Digital Ulcers in Scleroderma. These findings can help develop strategies to prevent digital ulcers, such as avoiding severe cold, hand hygiene, and avoiding mechanical injury. Scleroderma News, 02/21/2020. (Also see Research on Digital Ulcers)

Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR drives EZH2-dependent myofibroblast activation in systemic sclerosis through miRNA 34a-dependent activation of NOTCH. Our data indicate that the EZH2-dependent epigenetic phenotype of myofibroblasts is driven by HOTAIR. PubMed, Ann Rheum Dis, 02/10/2020. (Also see Fibroblasts)

A cross-disease meta-GWAS identifies four new susceptibility loci shared between systemic sclerosis (SSc) and Crohn's disease (CD). Through the first cross-disease meta-analysis of SSc and CD, we identified genetic variants with pleiotropic effects on two clinically distinct immune-mediated disorders. PubMed, Sci Rep. 2020 Feb 5;10(1):1862. (Also see Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Clinical characteristics and survival in systemic sclerosis-mixed connective tissue disease (SSc-MCD) and systemic sclerosis-overlap (SSC-overlap) syndrome. This study provides insights into the clinical characteristics of patients with SSc-MCTD, SSc-overlap and SSc-only. PubMed, Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken), 02/14/2020. (Also see Mixed Connective Tissue Disease)

Cannabidiol Therapy, EHP-101, Put on Fast Track by FDA. EHP-101, an oral therapy based on cannabidiol (CBD), has been placed on fast track development by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a potential treatment of systemic scleroderma. Scleroderma News, 03/06/2020. (Also see Endocannabinoid System)

A patient-centered approach to the burden of symptoms in patients with scleroderma treated with Bosentan: A prospective single-center observational study. Bosentan therapy may indirectly influence functionality and quality of life in patients with scleroderma by reducing the burden of Raynaud's and digital ulcer-related symptoms. PubMed, Exp Ther Med, 2020 Mar;19(3):1739-1746. (Also see Tracleer (Bosentan))

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