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February 2005 ISN News

New Page: Dermatitis Artefacta or Factitial Dermatitis

Dermatitis Artefacta means that somebody has injured their own skin, by any method. They may injure their skin by scratching it, with their fingernails or a knife or other sharp instrument; burning it with fire such as cigarettes, matches, or candles; burning it with caustic chemicals, such as bleach. They may or may not be aware that they caused the damage themselves, but they typically deny having intentionally inflicted the injury. New Page, 2-25-05. ISN.

In Loving Memory of Corinne Bereskin

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Dolores Hanna for her donation in loving memory of Corinne Bereskin. Posted 02-24-05. (Also see ISN: In Loving Memory)

Thank you to Research Donor, Patsy Lundberg

The International Scleroderma Network extends our thanks to an Patsy Lundberg for her research donation. Posted 02-23-05.

In Loving Memory of Martha Hecimovich

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Melissa Cook and Ellen Chester for his their donation in loving memory of Martha Hecimovich.Posted 02-23-05. (Also see: ISN: In Loving Memory)

In Loving Memory of Maxine Gail Mackler

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Gerald Mackler for his February donation in loving memory of Maxine Gail Mackler.Posted 02-23-05. (Also see ISN: In Loving Memory)

04-30-05: Bogotá, Columbiana

(Español/Spanish) Asociación Colombiana de Esclerodermia Tenemos programada nuestra proxima reunion para el dia Sabado 30 de Abril en en la Carrera 9 A No 99-02 Y, Bogotá, Columbiana. Allí daremos inicio a nuestro Programa Esclerodermia con Calidad de Vida. Posted 04-18-05.

Banumathy Sridharan: ISN Tamil Translator

Banumathy Sridharan: ISN Tamil Translator. Tamil is one of the many languages of India. I am an engineer, with a diploma in computer programming. I now work as a freelance translator. I am from India, and have been living in Denmark for the past two years. Posted 02-11-05.

ISN Voices of Scleroderma books now on!

The ISN's Voices of Scleroderma book series is now available on, complete with currency conversion for all major world currencies. AbebooksTM is the world's largest online marketplace for books with over 60 million books offered by more than 12,500 booksellers. Put the book in your "Basket" and then click on "Convert Currency" which is listed under the Price. Also check "Shipping Rates and Speeds" listed by country. Posted 02-07-05.

(Magyarul/Hungarian) Torok Aron: ISN Magyar Forditoja

A nevem Torok Aron, az ISN magyar forditoja. Romaniaban elek, de magyar nemzetisegu vagyok, foglalkozasom mernok, pillanatnyilag egy nagy szamitogepalaktresz forgalmazo ceg tehnikai osztalyvezetojekent dolgozom. Email Torok Aron, in English, Romanian or Hungarian (Magyar). New page 02-04-5.

ISN books on Amazon now have "Search Inside" feature!

The ISN's Voices of Scleroderma book series is now available on with the "Search Inside" feature, which includes the complete Table of Contents and Index for each book. We invite you to click on a book, and look inside for top-notch information and stories about scleroderma! Posted 02-04-05.

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