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March 2008 ISN News

Welcome David Becker: ISN Assistant News Guide

David Becker: ISN Assistant News Guide. I am an attorney practicing law in wonderful sunny Florida. In 2007 I had a stem cell transplant for diffuse scleroderma. As your Assistant News Guide, I hope to provide the same support that was given to me when I needed it most. Posted 04-04-08.

Welcome Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Chat Host

Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Chat Host. We have free weekly chats in Sclero Forums. Join us!. Posted 04-03-08.

Welcome Serena 'Barefut' Justis, ISN Support Specialist

Serena Justis: ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist. As a Support Specialist I will steer members to reliable, up to date information, offer my ear to bend, my shoulder to cry on and my best advice based on my own education and experiences with life and scleroderma. Posted 03-31-08.

In Loving Memory of Judy D'Aquino

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks Paul D'Aquino for his donation in loving memory of Judy D'Aquino. Posted 03/31/08. (Also see Donate in Memory of Judy D'Aquino.

Raising Scleroderma Awareness!

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks James Barclay for his very kind donation of the domain name. Posted 3/28/08.

In Loving Memory of Robin Folquet

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks the following for their donation in loving memory of Robin Folquet: Judy Jubb, Rodney & Kirstin Kerber, Jane McDowell, and Thomas & Andryce Packouz.

Your Own Medical Info Card

Print Your Own Medical Information Card. Just fill in the blanks on this do-it-yourself PDF form, to keep your medical information handy. The form provides space for your medications, allergies, emergency contact, doctors, and preferred hospitals. Designed for the ISN by Lisa Volz, ISN Artist.

Volunteer Opportunity: Sclero Forums Support

ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist Openings! We are now accepting applications. We will be adding several support specialists in various world time zones over the next few months. Posted 03-10-08.

In Loving Memory of Rita Cornetta

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks the following people for their donation in loving memory of Rita Cornetta. Posted 03/20/08. (Also see:Donate in Memory of Rita Cornetta and Donations in Memory)

Dianne Baum
Alex & Phyllis Bette
Samual & Ursula Decou
Carmen and Dorothy Digiacomo
Liberty Digiacomo
Bryan Hirsh
Mark & Marylin Hischar
Michael and Karen Kelley
Arthur & Mary Wentz

Tackling Scleroderma!

Tackling scleroderma in March 2008 through donations, memberships, books, brochures and awareness bracelets:

Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.
Jennifer Watkins
Vera Longergan
Kathy Baxter
United Way of Snohomish County
Mary Austin Hewitt
Earl Manns
Jennifer Minton
Sarah Jane Inglis
Charles Gillis
Livia Eden
Cynthia Duggar
Derrick Harge
Terri Fisher
Jennalyn Grohoski
Theon Smith
Paul D'Aquino
Elizabeth Burns
Melissa Mikuenski
Kim Hicks
Lorenn Leonard
Barbara Swansinger
Susan Tiernan
Christine Weeks
(Updated 03/31/08)

In Loving Memory of Sherrill Knaggs

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks the following people for their donation in loving memory of Sherrill Knaggs , longtime ISN volunteer whose inspirational story was the centerpiece of the Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2 book, who passed away on 02-27-08. (Also see Donate in Memory of Sherrill Knaggs and Donations in Memory) Posted 03/10/08.

Anonymous (1)
Lisa Bulman
Gene & Shelley Ensz
Judith Devlin
Stephen Dickson
Carrie Maddoux
Pamela Roland
Margaret & Gareth Roof
Joanne Wertz
Janey Willis

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See ISN News for recent donors, including donations in memory of Peter J. Devlin. Click Here to Donate.


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