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April 2008 ISN News

In Loving Memory of Shirley Glassman

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks Sally Beth Dougherty for her donation in loving memory of Shirley Glassman. Posted 04-29-08.

New Page: Severity and Prognosis of Scleroderma Pulmonary Involvement

Lung involvement is now the primary cause of death in scleroderma patients. Our new page, Severity and Prognosis for Scleroderma Pulmonary Involvement, includes topics such as predictors of morbidity and mortality, and health related quality of life issues. Posted 04/28/08.

New Page: Diagnosis of Scleroderma Pulmonary Involvement

Our new page, Diagnosis of Scleroderma Pulmonary Involvement, covers topics such as tests for pulmonary involvement, and diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Posted 04/25/08.

New Page: Oxygen Therapy

Our new page, Oxygen Therapy, covers topics such as Dangers of Oxygen and Flame, Oxygen Carrying Cases, and OxyView glasses! Posted 04/23/08.

In Loving Memory of Frank F. Altmar, Jr.

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks George and Sarah Jane Inglis for their donation in loving memory of Frank F. Altmar, Jr.. Posted 04-15-08.

In Loving Memory of Maxine Gail Mackler

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks Gerald Mackler for his donation in loving memory of Maxine Gail Mackler. Posted 04-15-08.

Tackling Scleroderma!

Tackling scleroderma in April 2008 through donations, memberships, books, brochures and awareness bracelets:

Diane Dube
Beth Smith
Philip Whittle
Bethany Benes
Shirlene Edwards
Sue Dekker
Robin Gouvernel
Emily Lawson
Mellie Jordan
Mary Ponce
Joe Vance
(Updated 04/30/08)

Welcome Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist

Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist. I'm very excited to also take on the role of ISN Support Specialist for Sclero Forums! Posted 04-08-08.

Janey Willis: ISN News Manager

Janey Willis has been promoted to ISN News Manager to work with the ISN news guides and to manage the ISN Newsroom. Janey has worked as a News Guide for over 3 years. She is also ISN Assistant Webmaster in helping to maintain and update the ISN website, among many other positions. Posted 04-06-08.

Welcome David Becker: ISN Assistant News Guide

David Becker: ISN Assistant News Guide. I am an attorney practicing law in wonderful sunny Florida. In 2007 I had a stem cell transplant for diffuse scleroderma. As your Assistant News Guide, I hope to provide the same support that was given to me when I needed it most. Posted 04-04-08.

Welcome Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Chat Host

Sheryl Doom: ISN Sclero Forums Chat Host. We have free weekly chats in Sclero Forums. Join us!. Posted 04-03-08.

In Loving Memory of Denise Harry

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks Alice McKay for her donation in loving memory of Denise Harry. Posted 04/01/08.

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See ISN News for recent donors, including donations in memory of Peter J. Devlin. Click Here to Donate.


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