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July 2009 ISN News

Carrie Maddoux is Tackling Scleroderma Now!

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks Carrie Maddoux for her comprehensive donation to help tackle research with funds dedicated towards a much-needed Sclero Forums software upgrade. Posted 07/21/09. (Also see Donate/Shop)

Thanks to Lisa Bulman's 4th Annual Scoring for Scleroderma Fundraiser!

The Scoring for Scleroderma 4th Annual Fundraiser to benefit the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network was a great success! It was held June 19, 2009 in the Canton Sports Plex, in Canton, Massachusetts. More than 50 women registered to play in the tournament. People who were unable to play in the tournament generously donated their time and money, making this year's event even bigger. Posted 07/21/09. (Also see ISN: Lisa Bulman)

ISN: Dr. Jerry A. Molitor, ISN Medical Advisory Board

ISN: Dr. Jerry A. Molitor. Dr. Jerry A. Molitor is Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases at the University of Minnesota. His translational research is focused on the development of laboratory tests called biomarkers that predict the clinical course of disease, and the response of disease to therapies. Posted 07-20-09.

New Photo: Bullous Morphea

New Photo: Bullous Morphea. We have added this new photo to the site of the very rare condition, bullous morphea, to the ISN Photo Repository. Many thanks to Amanda for submitting the photo! Posted 07/13/09. (Also see ISN Photo Repository)

(Finnish/Suomi) Tervetuloa Emmi Myohanen, ISN Kääntäjä (Suomi)

Emmi Myohanen: ISN kääntäjä (suomi). Hei, nimeni on Emmi ja olen opiskelija Suomesta, teidän ISN kääntäjänne (suomi). Minulla diagnosoitiin paikallinen skleroderma kun olin 6 vuotta vanha, 1996. Olen möys Suome skleroderma yhdistyksen sihteeri, joka on ISN:n yhteistyökumppani. Posted 07/13/09.

Welcome to Emmi Myohanen, ISN Finnish Translator

Emmi Myohanen: ISN Finnish Translator. Hi there, my name is Emmi and I'm a student from Finland, your ISN Finnish Translator. I was diagnosed with localized scleroderma when I was only 6 years old, in 1996. I am also the secretary of The Finnish Scleroderma Association, which is an ISN Affiliate. Posted 07/13/09.

ISN Thanks Carol Miller for her Voices of Scleroderma Book Series Order!

Thanks to Carol Miller for her Voices of Scleroderma book series order! You too can cuddle up with our scleroderma heroes as we regale our courageous battle with "the disease that turns people to stone." Laugh with our inspiring whimsy, and clutch our steadfast warmth to your heart. Embrace the knowledge no matter what befalls you, we understand, and you are not alone. Posted 07/13/09.

Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. is Tackling Scleroderma Now!

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. for their sponsorship support! Posted 07/01/09.

Donate Your Car/Truck/Motorcycle/Boat!

The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network accepts cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats -- from the U.S. and Canada. To donate your vehicle, please call toll free 1-877-537-5277. Donate for "ISN". International Scleroderma Network, Posted 07/01/09. (Also see Donate Your Vehicle)

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