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Brochures About Scleroderma

Brochures in English
Brochures in Japanese
Brochures in Spanish (Español)
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These free brochures are in DOC (Word)and PDF format. The PDF files will open automatically in Adobe Reader, which is a free program which is already installed on most computers. If you click on the file link and it doesn't open, download Adobe Reader here. Brochures can also be ordered from the ISN for $.50 each. (Also see What is Scleroderma?)

Scleroderma Brochures in English

Scleroderma BrochureWhat in the world is Scleroderma? (.DOC/Word format) You may print this brochure (as many as you want) and give them to your family, friends, doctors, classmates, and clinics. It includes a handy systemic scleroderma symptom checklist! (Also see: What is Scleroderma?, Systemic Scleroderma Symptoms, and Scleroderma Symptom Checklist)

Scleroderma Brochures in Japanese

Japanese: What is Scleroderma? Brochure.This PDF brochure was translated by Yoko, medically edited by Dr. Shinichi Sato, and desktop published by Susanne Piché.

Scleroderma Brochures in Spanish

(Español/Spanish) Folleto: Esclerodermia Sistemica Difusa. PDF.
(Español/Spanish) Folleto: Aspectos Generales de la Esclerodermia. PDF.
(Español/Spanish) Folleto: Esclerodermia Localizada. PDF.
(Español/Spanish) Folleto: ¿Que es Escleroderma? PDF.

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Scleroderma BrochureOrder Scleroderma Brochures, $.50 each, from the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network through our online secure server.

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