Causes of Scleroderma: Mercury Exposure (Dental Amalgam)

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Overview of Mercury Exposure
Dental Amalgam
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Here is some research related to mercury exposure as a possible risk factor for autoimmune disease, such as scleroderma.

Mercury exposure may be a risk factor for autoimmune diseases in women. A new study by researchers from the University of Michigan claims that even at levels considered to be safe, mercury exposure may be hazardous to health; it may be a risk factor for autoimmune disorders among women of childbearing age. Medical News Today.

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) and exposure to heavy metals: A case control study of 100 patients and 300 controls. The results show the impact of occupational risk factors in the development of SSc for: antimony, cadmium, lead, mercury, molybdenum, palladium and zinc. PubMed, Autoimmun Rev, 01/27/2017. (Also see Causes of Scleroderma: Solvents)

Dental Amalgam

Increased Prevalence of Scleroderma in Southwestern Ontario: A Cluster Analysis. The cluster in Woodstock seems statistically validated. Associations with alcohol and dental fillings require further study. ResearchGate, The Journal of Rheumatology [2002].

Media Articles

Art saves Lives. (But what are your art supplies doing to you?). Paul Rubens, Auguste Renoir, Raoul Dufy, and Paul Klee all had autoimmune disorders caused by mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, antimony, tin, cobalt, manganese, and chromium, as well as chronic lead and manganese poisoning. (Expired article) Vickie Enkoff.

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