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Causes of Scleroderma: Vaccinations

Overview of Vaccinations and Scleroderma
Vaccinations and Autoimmune Disease
Heptatitis B Vaccination and Diffuse Scleroderma
Vaccinations and Morphea Scleroderma

Overview of Vaccinations and Scleroderma

Vaccinations have been suspected as a cause of scleroderma, in a few cases. Hepatitis B vaccine was ruled to cause a case of diffuse scleroderma in a U.S. court. Morphea profunda has been identified at the site of an injection. Trauma is one of the known causes of morphea. Since vaccines are a form of trauma, they may be the cause of morphea, in some cases; that is, the trauma is the issue, not the contents of the vaccine itself.

Vaccinations and Autoimmune Diseases

EULAR recommendations for vaccination in adult patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Recommendations for vaccination in patients with AIIRD based on the currently available evidence and expert opinion were formulated. More research is needed, particularly regarding the incidence of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases and the safety of vaccination in patients with AIIRD. Ann Rheum Dis.

Human papillomavirus vaccination and the risk of autoimmune disorders: A systematic review and meta –analysis. No evidence of an association between HPV vaccination and ADs was found. PubMed, Vaccine, 04/26/2019. (Also see Vaccinations and Scleroderma)

Vaccine–induced autoimmunity: the role of molecular mimicry and immune crossreaction. In this review, we address the concept of molecular mimicry and its application in explaining post vaccination autoimmune phenomena. PubMed, Cell Mol Immunol, 2018 Jun;15(6):586-594. (Also see Vaccinations and Scleroderma)

Hepatitis B Vaccination and Diffuse Scleroderma

(PDF) Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Diffused Scleroderma, Special Master Finds. A Vaccine Court special master ruled that a nurse provided sufficient evidence that hepatitis B vaccine caused diffuse scleroderma and encouraged the parties to settle. US Courts. (Also see Types of Scleroderma and Diffuse Scleroderma)

Vaccinations and Morphea Scleroderma

Primary Atrophic Solitary Morphea Profunda. Here, we describe a patient presenting with noninflammatory cupuliform (shaped like a small cup) depressed plaques, without any significant skin induration, pigmentation or texture change, that appeared on the left shoulder at a site of previous intramuscular vaccination. Our observation highlights the wide spectrum of clinical presentations of localized scleroderma. The latter should be considered in the presence of lipoatrophy-like lesions for proper workup and therapy. (Also see Lipodystrophy and Morphea Profunda)

Case Report: Deep morphea in a child after pneumococcal vaccination. We report a case of morphea in a child after receiving the second dose of pneumococcal vaccination. PubMed, Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. (Also see Morphea Scleroderma and Causes of Morphea Scleroderma)

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