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Overview of Postmortem Resources

Author: Shelley Ensz. Scleroderma is highly variable. See Types of Scleroderma. Read Disclaimer
Cadaver Research
Organ Donation
Tissue Donation
Remembrance Resources


Autopsy is a surgical procedure to try to figure out the cause of a person's death, or to confirm the presumed cause of death. Autopsies can be ordered by family members, even when there is no legal question as to the cause of death (such as in a homicide investigation.) ISN.

What is an Autopsy? Autopsy Resources

Cadaver Research

Cadaver Research is basically an autopsy but with the additional intent of trying to discover more about a particular disease process. ISN.

Overview of Cadaver Research
Cadaver Research for Scleroderma
Cadaver Controversies and Scandals

Organ Donation

Overview of Organ Donation
Transplants for Scleroderma Patients
International Organ Donation
U.S. Organ Donation

Organ Donation. If you want to be an organ donor, in most countries it is very important to legally specify that before you die, so there is no question at the time of your death as it can be very difficult for families and loved ones to try to make this decision on your behalf when they are in the worst throes of grief. ISN.

Tissue Donation

Tissue Donation. Postmortem tissue donation means willing or donating your tissues for use in transplants or medical research, upon your death. Tissues , in this instance, refers to such things as eyes, bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, and heart valves. ISN.

Religion and Tissue Donation
International Tissue Donation
United Kingdom (UK)
U.S. Tissue Donation

Remembrance Resources

Remembrance Resources. Ways in which we have dealt with our grief include donating in memory of our loved one; supporting medical research; writing a story in remembrance of them for posting on our website; and volunteering for scleroderma organizations. ISN.

Our Condolences
Financial Donations and Bequests
Donating in Memory
ISN Scleroderma Research Fund
Morticians, Funeral Arrangements
Written Legacies
Stories In Loving Memory
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