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My Family, My Caregiver

By Sylvia Finegan

Our family is the greatest, this I know is true;
You've helped me with my illness, there's nothing you won't do.
No matter when I need you, you've always been right there;
Through thick and thin, good and bad, your love you freely share.
On the days when I am down, Feeling blue and wearing a frown,
Someone always makes me feel better
With a smile, a hug, or a very sweet letter.
Thanks to you, I never feel alone,
And as a person I know I have grown.
We've come a long way and I want you to know;
I treasure the way that your love always shows.

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SD WorldSylvia Finegan, very well known and loved in our online community as the co-moderator of the former SD World email list, passed away on 10-30-03. She will be very deeply missed by all who knew her.

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