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Scleroderma Association of Saskatchewan (SASK)

Saskatchewan, Canada

Scleroderma Association of SaskatchewanScleroderma patients, family and friends are welcome to attend our support groups. Meetings are free and open to anyone wishing to learn more about Scleroderma. We usually have a guest speaker. Our group provides support, information and friendship. We try to help patients and family cope with scleroderma. We work to promote awareness of scleroderma to the public and medical fields. We are a registered charitable organization. Donations go towards scleroderma research.


Group Leader: Louise Goulet, phone 306-584-1950
3500 28th Avenue
Regina, Sk S4S 2N4
Email: [email protected]



Meetings are held twice a year in Regina during the months of April and October. Please phone or e-mail for more details.


We are affiliated with Scleroderma Canada 1-888-279-0632 or 1-289-396-3039, and The Arthritis Society 1-800-321-1433.

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