India Scleroderma Support Group of New Delhi

Scleroderma patients, family and friends are welcome to attend our support groups. Meetings are free and open to anyone wishing to learn more about scleroderma. Our group provides support, information and friendship. We try to help patients and family cope with scleroderma. We also want to promote awareness of scleroderma.


We are in need of a scleroderma expert and scleroderma support group for New Delhi. Please let us know if you would like to be listed on this page. Send info to [email protected]. Thank you!

Banumathy Sridharan: ISN Tamil Translator

Scleroderma from A to Z: Kannada Version

ISN: Kannada by Kishori Mundargi

ISN: Tamil by Banumathy Sridharan

Aziz: Surviving Son of Gangrene Patient (India) What I am writing now is something even more horrible than what you might have read in a Stephen King's scariest of novels. My father died of gangrene…

Jonty: Son of Scleroderma Patient (Hyderabad, India) In 1997, I secured a seat in a medical college in Hyderabad and enrolled for the MBBS degree course. I then took my mother to meet Dr. Narasimhalu…

Kamlesh: Husband of Limited Scleroderma Patient (India) In a pulmonary function test, there was severe restriction and severe obstruction…

Kishori Mundargi, Kannada Translator

Madhu Bhatia: Morphea (Delhi, India) When will I get respite and correct diagnosis? Pain on the wound is excruciating. I am entangled in a web of doctors with no clear diagnosis…

Mani: Son of Systemic Scleroderma Patient (Hyderabad, India) My mother was always complaining of breathlessness, slight fever, and nails and fingers turning blue when exposed to cold air…

Pushpa: Scleroderma with Raynaud's (Bangalore, India) Around my 21st winter, the year of 1982 in Calcutta, India, is when I first noticed my nails and fingers were turning blue when exposed to the cold…

Seema: Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (India) Finally I came to know about Dr. V.R. Joshi, an internist who specialized in rheumatic diseases…

Sujatha: Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis (Bangalore, India) I am 36 years old and hail from Bangalore in the Southern State of Karnataka in India…

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