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Ashlin: Localized Scleroderma

It took me five months to realize that I needed to go to the doctor, and now I feel that I should not have waited so long.

My name is Ashlin and I was diagnosed with localized morphea linear scleroderma on March 11, 2004. I am eighteen years old.

I started detecting small bruises on my left leg in August. I did not think anything of them until it had spread all over my leg. It took me five months to realize that I needed to go to the doctor, and now I feel that I should not have waited so long.

Then I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me. The doctor told me that this is a very rare disease and that to get it at eighteen years of age is even more rare. I am really scared as to what is going to happen to me. I was involved in almost every sport you can think of and now I cannot participate in any of them due to soreness and pain in my left leg.

I really have not found out too much yet, except for the fact that I have this disease. The doctor told me that there is no cure for this disease and that the best cure is prayer. It is amazing how you think nothing bad can ever happen to you until it really does.

Now God and prayer really come into play. I have always believed in God, but now I need to believe how strong the power of prayer can be.

Webmaster's Note: Localized Scleroderma (Morphea/Linear) typically begins during childhood. Some treatments are available and they are most effective when started early. See a Juvenile Scleroderma expert for the best treatment advice. Any form of scleroderma that begins during childhood is also referred to as Juvenile Scleroderma.

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