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Becky: Morphea and Fibromyalgia

I am a very health-minded person, and am really angry that by body appears to be attacking itself.

Flowers for Becky by Shelley Ensz I am a forty-two-year old mother of two teens, and have been married for twenty years.

I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1998, myofascial pain syndrome and osteoarthritis in 2001, and just recently discovered I have mitral valve prolapse.

I also have what appears to be a bruise on the inside of my forearm, and appears to have an inflamed vein coming out of the bruise. My primary care physician referred me to a dermatologist, who took one look at the "bruise" and said that he was sure it was morphea. A biopsy was taken, along with bloodwork to see if this condition is systemic.

I am so glad I found this website. It has been so informative and comforting.

At first I was so upset. I felt betrayed by my body. I am a very health-minded person, and am really angry that by body appears to be attacking itself. I will get the results of the testing in two weeks, but the doctor seemed very sure of his diagnosis. The muscle in my forearm has already atrophied, and it has only been four weeks!

Thank goodness for my wonderful husband and sons, as they seem to be taking it all in stride. I have a very upbeat attitude, and will just take things as they come, trying to keep the blues away! If you have anything in common with my disease, let me know. And, as always, keep your chin up, we can handle this!

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