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Bobbie Thrasher: Scleroderma

I have been on an experimental medication for five months, and I have improved very much.

Granny Bird, photography by Shelley Ensz I was diagnosed with lupus in 1992. In November 1996, I was diagnosed with Raynaud's phenomenon, and my family doctor sent me to a rheumatology clinic. My toes and fingers were so cold that they burned. There was an open sore on the end of my toe and one of my fingers.

I was put on a blood thinner and soon after that, blood appeared in my stool. I became very weak and entered the hospital and was given many tests. They found that my stomach was weeping and I was given blood.

All this time, I began to notice my fingers were becoming curved and very sore. After six months, my finger and toe did heal with medication and prayer.

By January 1998, I had full-blown scleroderma. I could not use my fingers to eat or write, nor did they have very much strength. They were very curved and stiff. I could stand, but I was put in a wheelchair to get around. My husband would push me because my fingers could not push the wheels.

I've been on an experimental medication for five months, and I have improved very much. I can type, write, and do many more things. I can walk a great distance. I have strength, and I have softened spots on my arms and legs. I do not need pain pills or ?itch? pills. I am not depressed. I live every day as if it is a blessing and, who knows, maybe a cure will be found. I will not give up.

I love to hear my grandbabies call me, ?Gammy.? I have started collecting Beanie Babies. I may write a book about my childhood because I am blessed to use my fingers once again.

~ Update - September 1999 ~

Now I am using my wheelchair only for very long walks. I can climb stairs, take my own bath, feed myself, comb my hair, and put in earrings. I no longer take pills for itching, nerves, or for the pain all over my body. I have gained strength in my arms and hands as well as the rest of my body. My fingers are still very curved and fit around a soda can, but nothing bigger. They are sore, but usable. My doctor took me off the medication for six weeks to let my body rest. I now take only half a dose. This therapy has been very good for me. My doctor said we would give forty percent for the medicine and sixty percent for prayer. I am so happy with my progress that I wanted to give you all an update.

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Bobbie Thrasher
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Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
Story Editor: Judith Devlin
Fingers Curving
Open Sore
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