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Carla: Morphea Scleroderma

It's not life threatening, mostly just an annoyance. But I am fearful that it could spread to other areas.

Dressing Room for Carla by Shelley Ensz My name is Carla. I am a twenty-nine-year-old mother of three. I have localized morphea on my lower back.

It first appeared when I was in junior high, and has grown slowly since then. It started out as a spot on my back that looked just like a bruise that would not go away, and was accompanied by lower back pain. It now spans from one side of me to the other, with one main lesion in the center, which branches out and has other spots around it.

It still looks just like a bruise, and if people see it they usually gasp and say, "What happened?" Luckily, it's not difficult to hide since it's on my back. Most of the time I do not even think about it, it's not life threatening, mostly just an annoyance. But I am fearful that it could spread to other areas.

I was diagnosed early on, but have never had any treatments. I would really like to stop it from getting any larger. Does any one know of successful treatments for this type of morphea?

I would love to talk with others with similar morphea conditions. For a long time I have felt like some what of a freak, and did not even think about searching on the Internet about it until recently.

Thanks for listening, and God Bless.

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Carla M.
E-mail: [email protected]
Story posted 1-8-02
Morphea Scleroderma
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