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Deborah T: Scleroderma

My doctor just says I have so many problems its hard to know what to do.

Red Rose by Shelley EnszI was diagnosed when I was fifty years old and now I'm fifty-seven.

One morning while visiting my son in British Colombia, my hands were so swollen that I could hardly close my hands! I thought it was because I had slept on the couch for the week for I was already sick never realizing it might have been the scleroderma that put me into a wheelchair. We thought it was my heart, since I was in the hospital before for a week was having quite a few problems with breathing and chest pains.

When I got back home I went to my doctor. He checked me for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and It came up lupus so from there on I started my journey of scleroderma.

I get ! what I call blood blisters on my fingers or ulcers and are they ever painful. But to move on, I now have a lot of muscle spasms. Does anyone out there have this problem? I need help on how to deal with this. I wake up screaming in pain and now my arms seem to be doing something. I'm very frustrated.

The pills I'm on seem to help sometimes and shots I get help, but now those are wearing out too.I am a diabetic also so some medications I can't go on due to my sugars rising too high. I'm home alone and need a friend to help me understand this scleroderma. No doctor seems to help me. My doctor just says I have so many problems its hard to know what to do. I'm really scared. So if someone can listen to me or help me understand…thanks. I can go on and on but i'd rather talk to someone. My heart goes out to you all who suffer this illness.

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Deborah T.
Email: [email protected]
Story posted 12-14-10 SLE

Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
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