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Gaynor: Morphea and Possible Systemic Sclerosis

I am taking my husband with me when I get them so he will realize that I am not imagining how I am feeling.

Blue Agapanthus in Red Vase by Sherrill Knaggs, ISN Artist I was diagnosed in 2003 with morphea. It began as a bruise-like patch on my upper right arm. I ignored it for months before going to see my general practitioner (GP) who referred me to a skin specialist who did various tests including a biopsy.

After receiving the results, they prescribed a cream that I needed to use three times a week but it did not have any effect.

I moved to a new area twelve months after my diagnosis and had to change doctors. When I kept suffering from bad acid reflux, I was sent in to hospital for a endoscopy and was prescribed medication. Within the next few months I began having recurrent chest infections and sore throats. My blood pressure was also high, which I never had before.

I was referred to a chest specialist who has been brilliant. I feel he has good knowledge of this disease. I have just had a CT scan, various blood tests and lung function tests and should know the results in three weeks.

I did not even know there was a web site for us. My husband and family have little knowledge of this disease and say that I am imagining the tightness in my shoulders, legs and feet. Each day I wake up I have these symptoms and when I have sat in the same position for a period of time.

I am just hoping that when my results come through that I can get some treatment to help ease these things. I am taking my husband with me when I get them so he will realize that I am not imagining how I am feeling.

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Story edited 06-30-06 JTD
Story posted 08-22-06 SLE

ISN Senior Artist: Sherrill Knaggs
Story Editor: Judith Thompson Devlin
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ISN Artist: Sherrill Knaggs (In Loving Memory)

Sherrill KnaggsSherrill Knaggs, ISN Artist, created the digital photo to illustrate the story on this page. Sherrill lived in New Zealand. Her story was featured in ISN's book, Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2.

ISN Story Editor: Judith Thompson Devlin

Photo of JudithJudith Thompson Devlin is the ISN Story Editor for this story. She is also lead editor of the ISN's wonderful Voices of Scleroderma book series!

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