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Gina: Morphea or Linear Scleroderma

I kind of wondered about it for a year.

Parrot Toys by Shelley Ensz My story starts eight years ago when I was twenty-three years old and about eight months pregnant with my second child. I noticed some skin pigmentation changes on the back of my left leg. I put it off thinking it had something to do with my pregnancy.

I kind of wondered about it for a year. I went in for a yearly check-up and showed my doctor. He immediately was concerned and took blood tests and a biopsy. Well my blood test came back with a highly positive ANA test (380). From there I was sent to rheumatologists and dermatologists. Some diagnosed me with linear scleroderma and some with morphea.

The last doctor I saw told me that unless I was having any problems I really did not need to see him again. Well, not only did the whole back of my left leg turn hard and purple, but my left ankle and foot are also affected. My abdomen is covered, the sides of my breasts and upper rib cage (on the side). My upper arms are showing spots. The front of my left leg is covered.

At times I really try to put it out of my mind and be thankful that it is not systemic. But, every time I notice new areas turning color it really worries me. I have also noticed when those new areas appear I am extremely tired and experience bouts of vertigo.

I do not know if it's at all connected. I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any words of wisdom for me. Thanks.

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Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
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