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Kelly H: Linear Scleroderma

Remember life is what you make it. People will accept you!

Three Painted Red Flowers by Shelley Ensz Hi, I have linear scleroderma. It took years to diagnose, when I was around six years old; now I'm in my thirties.

I thought it was awful. I have markings down my right leg from my hip to my ankle. My right leg is about 1.5 inches shorter and much thinner than the left. I was always self-conscious about it, and still am.

I was told there is no treatment. Now I had a dermatologist laser and lighten the marks, and sclero therapy on some of the veins to help because the skin was so thin you could see them all. This helped the appearance.

It never affected my life. I'm married with three children and still work. Remember life is what you make it. People will accept you!

If anyone wants to talk feel free to email me. never knew anyone with anything like me. If anyone has any similar stories, I would love to hear. Also, now I am just starting to experience a sensitivity in the areas. I'm not sure if it is progressing or not.

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Kelly H.
Email: [email protected]
Story posted 12-14-10 SLE

Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
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