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Loretta: Fibromyalgia

I was in a car accident that broke my neck in four different places.

Flower for Loretta by Shelley Ensz I have been told I have fibromyalgia and I am not so sure. Maybe someone with my symptoms can help.

Five years ago I was in a car accident. It broke my neck in four different places. I have lower back trouble from this also.

The problem I am having now is severe leg and hip pain. I have sore muscles and burning and tender painful spots. I have stiffness in my hips and legs. I bruise easily, just by touching at times. When I wake in the mornings my feet are so sore that walking is painful.

I have been on pain medication for five years, but it does not help. I am very tired. I do not sleep well. I cannot sit or stand for very long, and I get depressed a lot.

My spinal doctor says it is fibromyalgia, the family doctor says it is my back. I am so confused and do not know what it is. I am desperate to hear what someone else may think.

If this is any help, I am on thyroid medication and five different stomach pills for ulcers. I have these red marks on my body that the doctors say are blood vessels bleeding. If I touch them, they go away, but they come right back. The doctors do not know why I have them.

I hope you can help me.

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Story submitted 6-15-02
Story posted 6-27-02
Story edited 9-1-03 SLE
Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
Story Editor: Sherry Jo Young

ISN Story Editor: Sherry Jo Young

Sherry Jo Young was the ISN Story Editor for this story.

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