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Melanie W: Linear Morphea

"The only good thing about this disease is that it makes you a better person."

birdhouse I am eighteen years old and have been diagnosed with Linear morphea for two and a half years.

It started as a small white patch on my neck. It soon grew up my neck, and I have lost hair in that spot. I now have brown and white patches of skin all over my upper back. I am self-conscious of it, so I won't wear my hair up, or wear little tank tops.

My doctor says there's no treatment and that my scars will be there forever. I hate that feeling. The only good thing about this disease is that it makes you a better person. I am modest about myself and am thankful for what I do have.

I have to thank God that that is all I got from the disease. A lot of people have it worse.

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Juvenile Scleroderma
Linear Scleroderma
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