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Merry: Deep Morphea

It is on my left back, by my shoulder and I am starting to feel limitation in movement.

Poinsettia by Shelley EnszFifteen years ago I went to a dermatologist due to a small, dime-size lesion on my back. It was red, itchy, and really annoying. My primary physician referred me to a specialist in dermatology. They diagnosed it as localized morphea however they did not treat or elaborate.

Since then this dime size lesion has grown to basically a 4" x 6" lesion on my back. It has active growth periods and years of no growth.

In 2005 I had melanoma, close to the site of the morphea, and at that time a biopsy for the morphea which came back positive. But at this point the doctor told me due to the depth and size, removal is not an option. Which I guess is okay but I am forty-one and given all the history the lesion continues to be active and grow in size. It is on my left back by my shoulder and I am starting to feel limitation in movement.

My dermatologist last year at my annual cancer appointment was not concerned. This year he noted a huge difference in color and size. The only treatment options are steroid creams and injections which I understand will not impede the growth and life span of this. Since this continues to grow and progress, I would welcome any help.

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Story edited 07-26-08 JTD
Story posted 10-04-08 SLE
Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
Story Editor: Judith Thompson Devlin
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