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Monika K: Morphea Scleroderma

I am now forty-one years old and my husband affectionately calls me "Spot."

Flowers for Monika by Shelley Ensz At the age of eleven, I was visiting my relatives for the first time by myself. I stayed at their lake for a week. Every day I would be in or next to the water. I got a bad sunburn on my back and shortly after the burn healed, my mom noticed a football shaped blotch on the centre of my back. She was a bit concerned but because it did not seem to itch, so we did not do too much about it until it started to grow.

It got larger (until it was bigger than a football) and we had it checked out as it was spawning more little blotches over my torso.

I am now forty-one years old and my husband affectionately calls me "Spot." The doctors I have gone to over the years said that stress also contributes to their spread.

So I try to stay stress free. When wearing a bathing suit, if I am embarrassed by my spots, I use a pretty wrap to help conceal them. When it is just us or friends that know me really well, then I will sometimes wear a two-piece swimsuit.

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Story posted 9-28-01
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Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
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