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Nucci: Morphea Scleroderma


Flowers for Nucci by Shelley Ensz My disease was diagnosed in 1998, although my first tests were done about two years before at one of Italy's best dermatology hospitals after some signs of the disease appeared. I think, on the basis of information that I have collected, that the onset of my disease was closely related to a long period of insomnia and stress, caused by the presence of a pain in the ribs due to osteoporosis.

At first a pearly mark about the size of a coin appeared at the centre of my back between the shoulder blades. The lesion had a reddish edge of around 5mm. Then the mark started to extend until it reached a diameter of about 7cm, with hardening and indentation of the area of involved skin. Further small marks then appeared in other areas (forearms and legs), this time dark and with a slight indentation. From various tests including histopathology of a skin biopsy, oesophageal manometry as well as lung function, only a slight respiratory failure came to light. It's possible anyway that this finding is the result of an episode of pneumonia diagnosed when I was younger. However, no involvement at a systemic level was found. I think that the major damage has been to my eyesight, presenting as a sudden deterioration in the function of my eyes as the disease has developed.

If possible, I would like your opinion on the eventual course of the disease, and also some advice on how I should deal with my form of scleroderma. Thank you.

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Sclerodermia dalla A alla Z
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(Italiano) Morphea
(Italiano) Nucci: Morphea
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ISN Translator: Kevin Howell

Kevin Howell is the ISN Translator (Italian to English) for this story. He is a Clinical Scientist for Professor Black at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

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