Tattoo Remorse

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Overview of Tattoo Remorse

Face Mask by Shelley EnszMost people wish they had avoided tattoo parlors when they were drunk, in jail, or madly in love. But even well-considered body art can become undesirable. Tattoo remorse occurs in about 17% of people who have a tattoo.

To help prevent this, consider getting tattoos in an inconspicuous space; never with any person's name, not even Mom. Young women should avoid tattoos in their lower back/spine, where epidurals may need to be used during childbirth.

Opt for the tiniest possible design since tattoo removal is ten times more expensive than a tattoo. Avoid political, hobby, personal, and religious symbols, because as hard as it is to comprehend, your convictions, hobbies, or relationships might change over time, inducing a case of tattoo regret.

Most parents are against teen tattoos. Parents who’ve said “no” to teen tattoos need not feel alone. A new U.S. survey finds that 78 percent of parents wouldn’t even consider allowing their teenager to get inked. Reuters Health, 08/20/2018.

Tattoo Remorse. Tattoo removals were often fueled by social stigma and negative comments by others, but the most frequently quoted reason was simply, "I don't want it any longer." Other cited reasons of regret included newly found embarrassment, lowering of body image, problems with clothes, experiencing stigma, a change in a relationship or desire for a new job or career.

Will this body-art `fad' ever fade? "I would tell anyone thinking about a tattoo not to do it," she said. "Get one of those temporary ones that are gone in four days." Remember, bell-bottoms and platform shoes once seemed like a good idea, too, but we didn't put them on with super glue. If I want a souvenir, I buy a pencil with colored stones in it. If I want to express my individuality, I dress funny. If want to remember always how I feel at a certain time, I write it down and stuff it in a drawer where, in the long run, I know it belongs. Chicago Tribune.

Report Adverse Reactions to FDA

Your Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA. If you have had a bad reaction to a tattoo, permanent make-up, or temporary tattoo you can report the reaction to the FDA. Hopefully the more calls and e-mails the FDA receives the more attention and resources they will put toward regulating this industry and answering these questions. FDA.

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