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Localized Scleroderma: Linear/Morphea

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It is either a generic reference or indicates both linear and morphea.

There are two main types of localized scleroderma: Linear and Morphea. Localized scleroderma affects the skin. It may also affect the underlying muscles and bones, but it does not affect internal organs, and it does not reduce a person's life expectancy. (Also see What is Scleroderma? and Types of Scleroderma)

Localized Scleroderma: Linear/Morphea

Sometimes "morphea" is used as a generic term for localized scleroderma of any type. Thus, sometimes the term "linear morphea" or "linear/morphea" refers to localized scleroderma of any type (either linear or morphea).

When "linear morphea" or "linear/morphea" is used more literally, it means that there is a mixture of both types -- linear and morphea, occurring together in combination.

Localized Scleroderma: Linear

Linear scleroderma is a line of thickened skin which can affect the bones and muscles underneath it, thus limiting the motion of the affected joints and muscles. It most often occurs in the arms, legs, or forehead, and may occur in more than one area. ISN.

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Localized Scleroderma: Morphea

Morphea scleroderma usually begins as patches of yellowish or ivory-colored rigid, dry skin. These then become hard, slightly depressed, oval-shaped plaques which usually have a whitish or yellowish center surrounded by a pinkish or purplish halo. ISN.

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Linear/Morphea Patient Stories

Angela R: Linear Morphea Scleroderma I am twenty-five now and only have the two spots that I deal with pretty easily. I just hope it doesn't get worse…

Debbie B: Mother of Linear Scleroderma Patient (Australia) The disease is in her muscles and the right leg has stopped growing. Her right foot is 2 cm shorter then her left and she is always in pain…

Dominica: Linear Morphea They say everything is fine but I think it's only gotten worse and feel that nobody wants to help me…

Emy: Localized Scleroderma I thought I was going bald, so I decided not to push it further, nor ask my parents…

(Español/Spanish) Emy: Esclerodermia Localizada Pensé que tenía alopecia por lo que decidí no indagar más ni comentarle a mis padres…

Kathy H: En Coup de Sabre Scleroderma When I was five years old I got a small black line in my forehead, a spot, like a mole, so my parents were not too worried about it…

(Español/Spanish) Kathy H: En Golpe de Sable A los cinco años me empezó a salir una línea negra en la frente, parecía mancha, como un lunar, así que mis padres no se preocuparon…

Kay: Linear Morphea Scleroderma I saw a dermatologist at Mayo Clinic who included me in Grand Rounds where every dermatologist at the clinic got to see my patches…

Lucy's Mum: Mother of a Linear Scleroderma Patient I googled 'my daughter has thinning hard skin' and this web site came up…

Skye: Localized Juvenile Scleroderma After weeks of complaining to my parents that my foot looked larger and was discolored my mom noticed it being bigger and discolored so she called my dad at work and told him…

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