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Diagnosis of Morphea

Author: Shelley Ensz. Scleroderma is highly variable. See Types of Scleroderma. Read Disclaimer
Morphea is a Clinical Diagnosis
Photos of Morphea
Antibodies/Blood Tests
Morphea Skin Biopsy

Morphea is a Clinical Diagnosis

Morphea is usually diagnosed by clinical examination. The diagnosis is sometimes confirmed with blood tests, skin biopsies, or other methods.

Photos of Morphea

ISN Photo Repository: Morphea Photos. ISN.

Antibodies and Other Blood Tests in Morphea

It is not necessary to have antibodies to substantiate a diagnosis of morphea. However antibodies are sometimes found in patients with morphea. Levels of serum manganese superoxide may be markers for disease activity, and may indicate the extent of skin involvement.

Skin Biopsy for Morphea

Morphea is often confirmed by skin biopsy. Skin biopsies are usually a very tiny sample of tissue and the procedure is often very quick, easy and with minimal discomfort.


Activity assessment in morphea using color Doppler ultrasound. This technique represents a useful counterpart to histologic examination for the assessment of lesion activity. J Am Acad Dermatol, 2011 Nov;65(5):942-8.

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